Moving! Not really..

I've been neglecting this blog, I have been.
BUT, BUT, I do have a project I've just started up and I'm hoping you all will check it out and like it.
My lovely friend Christian and I have conjoined forces and decided to start up a joint style blog called Theresa&Cee. It will be a bit of men's and women's personal style and of course the usual little life style bits.
Here is a bit of what you'll be getting:

Isn't he adorable?

Now, I do intend on keeping Theresa Cee going because then Theresa&Cee would probably end up being a whole lot of me. How self-absorbed am I? But any who, more posts to come both here and there!
Hope you all are having a not too crazy weekend and happy holidays! xx


Floral dress and a stream of thought

I don't even want to admit to you guys how old these photos are. Not gonna do it, nope. I refuse to put myself on blast... though I kind of am I right now, aren't I?
I feel as if I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about a whole lot of nothing recently. A waste of mental space really. I don't mean this in a negative way, but more of a matter-of-fact, self-realization sort of way.
This has become something I've been turning over, contemplating, then leaving out of my mind. I've enjoyed it, I do, all the people and lives I get to know and be intrigued by. You all are a lovely lot. I'm not quite sure what I want out of it anymore though. So here is my venting stream-of-thought.
I'm thinking too much again.
dress- lulu's, heels- shoedazzle


Smokey Natural Eye and Leveling up

I'm not one to venture outside my comfort zone of winged liner and natural tones, but when it's my day off and I have time to have a little fun, why not? With thiBA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palette and my usual Kat Von D tattoo liner, I created this more-dramatic-than-usual look that I really liked using a combination of all the mineral shadows included. Even a bit of sparkly gold gel shadow on the inner corners. It all goes on quite nicely and pigmented, while being perfectly blendable. 
For your own shadow palette, or any other variety of products that BA STAR carries, check them out here and receive 50% off with the discount code BBSMOKY. Now I'm feeling a bit overdone for a day in, but oh well!

Now back to nerd time and playing pokemon. My Togepi just hatched. what what!
To add to my nerdy-ness, I might post a bit of a recap from my awesome time at anime expo, I might not, we'll see. xx

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As of recent, I have become one with the more technological side of society. To an extent, and somewhat unwillingly, that is. I had to switch to a smart phone since my little pink guy finally kicked the bucket. But one upside: I now have instagram! Wee! 
  1. First picture with all these handsome fellows is from work. The guys decided to have a Friday uniform--gray blazer, khakis, white button up and tie. You bet I jumped on that! 
  2. Got Italian ice from Confetti in Costa Mesa one day with my friend, John. Delicious!
  3. Third picture is actually from Valentine's day. I made all my favorite people edible valentines. Heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies. You can't really tell, but my real favorites got ones that were hot pink.
  4. The last one, we were supposed to dress up in Oscar attire for work. I decided to look like an actual Oscar. Good ole' shiny goldness.

Follow me @tureeesuh if you like and leave links to yours because I'm a noob and don't have many people to follow yet.
K, have a wonderful day! It's almost the weekend! xx
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Too Faced Lip of Luxury and other sweet things

I do love my makeup, but I'm never much of a splurger and normally stick to my necessities of drug store foundation and mascara. As far as lipsticks go, I tend to go with whatever I happen to have already, or, once again, drug store brands. 
When there was a deal on HauteLook for a few of these Too Faced Lip of Luxury Champagne Essence lipsticks, the casing in itself was so pretty, I had to get one. Also after reading quite a few positive reviews that is. So here is my super positive review to confirm those ones I read!
The day I got the sex kitten color in the mail, which is what I am wearing in the first picture, I put it on right away. The color is a berry color with a subtle shimmer that is beyond pretty. The shimmer makes it a bit harsher to put on at first application, but it does not dry out your lips at all and the staying power is amazing! In that order I also picked up the more nude centerfold color which is a pinky beige. Really pretty, but I feel it would look a bit better on a lighter skin tone than my own.
After success with those first two, I knew I needed to get the drop dead red! I've been wanting the perfect deep, bluish red, and this seemed like the right choice. It did not disappoint by any means! Like the centerfold, it goes on super creamy and wonderfully pigmented. It actually moisturizes your lips! 
My only warning, the red does require first lining your lip because it will bleed a bit otherwise.
And did I mention it smells good? Because it does. An absolute winner, hands down. 

Also, can we all just admire my new favorite ring from Madewell. It's a kitty ring! I think I have very well managed to become a crazy cat lady without even owning a cat. Who would've thought it was possible? 


Navy blue and a tattoo

Second post on the new bloggity and it feels good! You know what else feels good? I completely rearranged my room. I mean, come on guys, I have a chair in here now. A chair in my awesome little reading corner. I am definitely going to call it that.
Something else new: my tattoo! I am very much in love with it. It reads tibi ipsi esto fidelis, which means "to thine own self be true," a quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet. I've wanted it for years. Though meaningful in the context of Shakespeare's work, I also find meaning to it, stand alone, in context of my own life. Be true to yourself. Act in accordance to your own beliefs and desires, to your own identity. I struggled with this for years. I was constantly unsure of myself and extremely unhappy because of it. Now that I have gained confidence in the person I have become and have grown comfortable in my own skin, it feels so much better to be myself, no matter what other people think. 

*wearing: dress- modcloth, pumps- banana republic


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