As of recent, I have become one with the more technological side of society. To an extent, and somewhat unwillingly, that is. I had to switch to a smart phone since my little pink guy finally kicked the bucket. But one upside: I now have instagram! Wee! 
  1. First picture with all these handsome fellows is from work. The guys decided to have a Friday uniform--gray blazer, khakis, white button up and tie. You bet I jumped on that! 
  2. Got Italian ice from Confetti in Costa Mesa one day with my friend, John. Delicious!
  3. Third picture is actually from Valentine's day. I made all my favorite people edible valentines. Heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies. You can't really tell, but my real favorites got ones that were hot pink.
  4. The last one, we were supposed to dress up in Oscar attire for work. I decided to look like an actual Oscar. Good ole' shiny goldness.

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K, have a wonderful day! It's almost the weekend! xx
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monica said...

welcome to the smart phone world hhaha


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