Smokey Natural Eye and Leveling up

I'm not one to venture outside my comfort zone of winged liner and natural tones, but when it's my day off and I have time to have a little fun, why not? With thiBA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palette and my usual Kat Von D tattoo liner, I created this more-dramatic-than-usual look that I really liked using a combination of all the mineral shadows included. Even a bit of sparkly gold gel shadow on the inner corners. It all goes on quite nicely and pigmented, while being perfectly blendable. 
For your own shadow palette, or any other variety of products that BA STAR carries, check them out here and receive 50% off with the discount code BBSMOKY. Now I'm feeling a bit overdone for a day in, but oh well!

Now back to nerd time and playing pokemon. My Togepi just hatched. what what!
To add to my nerdy-ness, I might post a bit of a recap from my awesome time at anime expo, I might not, we'll see. xx

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