Music: Randsburg

This has taken me longer than it should have. I figure with the release of their self-titled album a couple weeks ago, "Randsburg," timing is solid. Now, Randsburg, compiled of five good-looking dudes,  Bryce, Austin, Wyatt, Dave, and James, are based out of Sunset Beach, California, though manage to get that Southern rock sound down perfectly. Bryce's voice has the sound of being rough ridden with experience, while sweet in it's ingenuity. It is always recognizable. His lyrics are beautifully written, introspective, with lines such as "With my head in my hands and my hips don't work for free, just a sip just a kiss just a tip to inspire me."
The music itself ranges from being fun, upbeat, and at times hitting on the vibes of dirty southern rock, to thoughtful and melodic, and I'm going to use a word that will make most guys cringe, but pretty. Wyatt and Dave's harmonies on songs like "The Road Ahead" are perfection. Altogether, with James on keyboard, Austin on guitar, Dave on bass,  and Wyatt on drums, it makes for some great music.
We like to call it killer music to pull up a seat at the bar and have a beer to, but it's definitely more than that. But, you know, drink that beer while you're at it.

Check out and like their facebook page! They've got some great tracks on there. And even better, their album is up on itunes now!

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