Birthday outfit: help!

I am in love, I am obsessed, I am absolutely head over heels for this outfit. And we all know a birthday deserves a birthday outfit. So when I spotted this beautiful light pink and gold bralet and skirt from ASOS I knew it was perfect! Silly me would figure out and buy my outfit before even actually figuring out what I'm going to be doing for my 21st birthday. I'll MAKE it work, gosh darnit.

I have a bit less than a month now and still have one very big decision to make. Shoes! I feel like there's so many options, but at the same time so little for this outfit. Theses three are few of my favorites I've come across. What do you all think? I really do appreciate your opinions! It can be one of these three or if you have other options for me, I'm all for it! xx

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