Sheer pink and polka dots

(blouse- asos, polka dot bustier- ebay, shorts- f21, necklace- uo, floral crown- self-made, bow- self-made)

As an update on my previous post--Dark Knight Rises was amazing on so many levels! The acting was phenomenal, the action, the twists, and the overall story, incredible. If you haven't seen it yet, go, now! I'm definitely not huge on going to the movie theater, but after it ended, I just wanted to watch it all over again. It was overall, such a great end to Christopher Nolan's trilogy. He has to be, hands down, one of my favorite directors/ producers.
Friday was such an overall great day! Started off with Batman, then food, then Dave's band, Fellow Bohemian performing. They did a killer job despite all the technical difficulties and malfunctions that come with being the first band up. If you're in the Orange County area, keep an eye on their facebook page for upcoming shows. I guarantee you will enjoy it!
More on topic of the photos in this post, I took a note from pinterest for this pretty braided bun and I love how it came out, especially with this bow to top it off.

Have a wonderful week! xx

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