So, brilliant news! I finally got myself a new camera! I'm infinitely excited about it. It was such a troublesome task to get it though. It was initially shipped to my front door last Saturday, but no one was home to sign for it, so I had to wait practically ages to go pick it up from the post office myself. It was torture! 
But anywho, now it's here, right next to me actually as I type this. You know what else is here? This awesome little cat that Dave got me! Continuing on from that picture, if you have never had these little Hello Panda cookies before, you must. They are the best!
The last couple pictures are actually from the Anthropology store at the Grove in L.A. Took a day trip there with mister Oscar. As far as the Anthropology store goes, when I have my own place, I want it to look just like it! The decor is so pretty and organic feeling all at the same time, I love it. Also, if you are in the mood for some insanely massive breakfast and you're around L.A. do check out The Griddle Cafe. Let's just say I was very glad to have been walking around a lot that day after eating there. That chocolate chip crusted french definitely needed to be walked off!

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