Over the bridge

(dress-f21, trench coat- old navy, boots- unlisted)
Here I bring to you some of my first outfit shots using my new canon rebel t3 that Dave took. I'm still getting the hang of it, but already the quality difference is amazing! You know, besides me not being able to make a normal face in any of these photos.
I love the location in Huntington Beach where these were taken though. Especially around the time the sun sets. The sky just looks so vivid and that bridge has a certain charm and architectural beauty. 
Next Monday I start up classes again and am already feeling a sense of dread. If only enjoyment and practicality coincided when it came to picking your major. All these business classes are killing me! Maybe I should think of it like a band-aid though. Be quick and just get it done.
Oh, and Winter, where have you gone? It was in the high 80's today in Southern California. Not that I'm trying to be a weather girl. That reports weather after the fact...
But goodness, I wish we actually got to feel the seasons around here.

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