We meet again

(lace top- banana republic madmen collection, skirt- american apparel, tights- we love colors, shoes- bamboo)

Bye, bye ombre. Maybe one day we shall meet again. But for now, I'm back to my dark roots. It's taking a bit of getting used to though. I mistakenly went with a shade of brown darker than my hair has ever been, but I'm getting around to really liking it. It is throwing off my liking for so much black in my outfits though. I certainly don't want to be giving off a Wednesday Addams vibe everyday. I mean, a couple days a week, that's cool, but let's not go overboard.
And, and! these circle skirts from american apparel are without a doubt my absolute favorite. If they weren't quite so pricey I'd most definitely buy a larger assortment of colors. Honestly, everyone and everything is after my bank account right now. I just know...

currently listening to: sweetheart- my morning jacket

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