Towne & Reese

This is what I like to call my mediocre outfit posts. But you know, it's completely okay because of the wonderful jewelry I have to accompany it! Recently I was sent these two wonderful necklaces from Towne & Reese, Christi Pack and Jessica Stanfield's line of timeless and superbly designed jewelry. Each of their peices  are definitely unique and just so pretty in general. If my ears weren't so gosh darn sensitive to practically everything I definitely would have opted for some earrings for myself. And honestly, for the prices that these pieces are at, it's incredible, especially with the fantastic quality. 
Oh, and of course, the back story behind Town & Reese makes it all even better, founded as a collaboration between two friends. Towne & Reese was actually named after the founders's daughters, Towne and Reese. Even cuter, each piece you will find in their collection is named after the daughter of a friend.
If I had a better camera I would definitely show you just how pretty some of the details are on the smaller necklace, but this silly little digital just didn't seem to want to focus. If you did want to take a closer look, it's this one. I just love it! Especially when layering with another necklace of my own because of its longer length.

On a side note, my hair has been so awkward lately. I've been attempting to part it closer to the middle because of my odd bangs, but I'm still not so sure how I feel about it. I think this calls for a whole hair post on it's own!

Now I'm off for a wonderful day. Enjoy your weekends, loves! ♥

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