Reggae Fest

Just thought I'd share some photos from the weekend before last. UCLA JazzReggae Fest! It was definitely worth it. I mean, sure, not the greatest festival ever, but for the price, it's pretty good. The line up was fantastic and the whole thing in general was chill, though I will say I was a bit disappointed in the alloted time for each performer, especially Talib Kweli, who was at the top of my list of seeing perform, though only did one song.

Out of all the performances though, Little Dragon always wins me over. Yukimi is just too cute and amazingly talented with such a unique look. Agh, I love her to pieces. Her energy just blows me away. You bet Olivia and I made sure to get right in front  to get the best view!
Oh, and what made it all even better--actually meeting and chilling with the incredible Miss Marz Lovejoy. That's her in that last picture. She's such a real person. Do check out her music! I know I've posted up plenty of her stuff in the past. It's just so good! She is pure talent. 
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