Oh, you!

Thought I would share some photos of randomocity with you lovelies, mainly of recent purchases, like my new glittery flats! I truly love when I get items in the mail,especially vintage, and it turns out to fit me perfectly, because honestly, you never really know! That was the case with this polka dot dress I came across--now I just need to get my lazy butt around to hemming it. The brown loafers I also found off of Myriad of Mischief's terrific Etsy shop are exactly what I've been looking for for ages, and though they do fit quite snug, I'm definitely going to take to them this super helpful trick I came across thanks to Julie from Mint and Mellow!And lastly, another mediocre outfit shot. High waisted shorts make everything better. I have no doubt in that statement. Especially when they come in red. I love these!
Oh, oh, and what is this? Officially 300 followers! Muah to all you lovely readers! Thank you bunches for sticking around and reading my blog. You are ze best. Giveaway for this little milestone coming soon. xxxx
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