A new dawn, a new day

  What I wore to work today. Only a 4 hour shift, but goodness, time definitely did NOT fly. A friend from work commented on how I looked saying, "You look so..." And then he stopped. You can't possibly leave a statement like the completely open ended! So he just said "different." Not much better, but I suppose this is somewhat different from what I normally wear. I'm thinking a good different? haha
 (necklace- alloy, skirt-modcloth, top- f21, sandals-uo?)
I got this black velvet skirt from the ModCloth cabin fever sale a while back, and I can't believe this is the first appearance it's made on the blog. I lovee it. There is nothing as effortless and amazing as a maxi skirt or dress done right.

 And lastly my focus fail photo. I was trying to show off my Black Flag button, but no, my camera disagreed on the matter apparently.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! ♥

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