Turn up the Tunes Tuesday

Bonita Applebum- A Tribe Called Quest
Runnin- The Pharcyde
I Know What Boys Like- The Waitresses
Never Let Me Down- Richard Humpty Vission
Bury Us Alive- STRFKR
Sex Tourists- French Kicks
 Rotten Apples- Voxhaul Broadcast

What tunes do you have on your mind this week? ♥

image via flickr


Aśa :) said...

I hear I blame Coco "No smile" from few weeks again and again :)

Theresa said...

@Aśa: I've never heard of I blame Coco, but I just listened and love it!

Charity said...

ahhh, love Tribe Called Quest! one of my favorite things to listen to on a sunny day :)

Monique said...

Bonita Applebum...wow it's been a while since I heard that song great tunes!


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