Featured Blogger: Elyse of Give Me Bows

I've just been thrilled to introduce you all to this lovely lady, Miss Elsye of Give Me Bows. I came across her blog not too long ago, and she is just the sweetest thing, and mind you, with the sweetest dress collection and style to boot! Not only that, but her DIY's are just as lovely. After doing this little interview with her, I couldn't  help but like her tons more, (and also be slightly envious that she got to see The National!).

Give us a little something about yourself. What makes you you?
I grew up on an organic fruit and vegetable farm on the coast of Australia. As soon as school ended, I packed a small suitcase of belongings and moved to Sydney to study/explore/play/meet new friends/grow. I have never looked back! I am a little shy and introverted, but also friendly, creative and open-minded. I am striving to be more thoughtful, generous and forgiving.

What made you initially start blogging? and your favorite thing about it?
Oh, there are so many reasons! To keep a diary to read, cherish and giggle about later in life + to appreciate the beautiful moments in each day + to share creative/DIY projects like my first handmade skirt + to explore and refine my style + to engage with people on the other side of the world with shared interests. My favourite thing so far would be the community spirit of blogging – everyone is so kind, supportive, and generous with tips and ideas.
What are some of your passions?
I have a big fear of ‘floating through life’ without making the most of each day, so I aim to always have lots of hobbies + go on adventures + learn new things + self-reflect and grow. I am passionate about sewing, craft, mixed media painting, reading, philosophy, psychology and travelling. Lately I have also taken an interest in photography, cross-stitching, vegetarian cooking and ‘to do’ lists!

What influences and inspires the way you dress and what brought about your interest in fashion?
I am inspired by 50s fashion + quirky fashion labels like Nadinoo and TBA + fashion bloggers + all things feminine and ladylike. I love little details like tulle, velvet, lace, pearls and bows. I didn’t always have an interest in fashion... I guess my interest grew from the realisation that when you embrace and enjoy getting dressed each morning, you begin the day with a more positive outlook.
You have one of the sweetest collection of dresses I have ever seen! What to you, embodies the perfect dress?
Thanks so much! I love collecting dresses – to me they are beautiful, comfortable and an outfit-in-one (meaning an extra 5 minutes sleep-in each morning!) I look for flattering shapes + cute prints (such as flowers, animals or bows) + cotton or silk blends. I recently finished sewing my first ever dress from scratch, it wasn't perfect but it was okay for a first attempt!

What are some of your favorite blogs out in the blogosphere?
I love to ‘blog surf’ and always stumble upon new inspirational blogs. Some of my favourites at the moment include: on dressing up, with lavender and lace!, the Tragic Sense, Scathingly Brilliant, Pretty Little Pictures, Lulu Letty and Louder than Silence.

What item are you lusting after right now?
We are heading into winter in Australia and I was very thrilled to recently hunt down the TBA ‘Francescia’ Coat in navy – it has a velvet collar and sweet gold buttons! I am now lusting after cute printed stockings with hearts, bows and polka dots. (Admittedly, it is a little hard to get excited about winter fashion when there are so many gorgeous Spring outfits popping up on Northern hemisphere blogs!)

What are some of your favorite listens at the moment?
I recently saw The National when they were in Sydney, they are amazing. I am also loving The Wombats, Hot Chip and Yeasayer.
Now, you can't tell me that you didn't love this interview as much as I enjoyed it. Don't forget to check out the rest of her blog, Give Me Bows, follow, and all those sorts. Elyse is just all kinds of wonderful. ♥


Ashley said...

Her style is the exact opposite of mine, but I think I still might enjoy her blog very much! I'm off to check it out now...great interview, by the way!

Along Abbey Road said...

Her dresses are so sweet! She does seem like a very lovely person :) Yeasayer is a personal fave. I will be sure to check out The National.

Along Abbey Road

Zev said...

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menina raposa said...

She's amazing love her style :P

Maria said...

I loove her blog too! You are so sweet to interview her! I also love your blog, I'm following :) would love for you to follow me! www.avenuemaria.blogspot.com


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