Red accents

My last post was "without face," now this one is a bit overwhelming with it. I think I just really liked my hair this day. I did it for once rather than having my usual mess, that I honestly secretly love.
(blouse- handmade, skirt- american apparel, jacket- don't remember)
Funny thing, this blouse is actually recycled piece from a Halloween costume my grandmother helped me out with the year before last. I was supposed to be a sort of creepy doll, but I now use both the skirt and blouse parts to the outfit. I really loved the costume, so I figure why not? And of course, a leather jacket is always a classic must for me.
I've been in an awfully good mood today, especially for a Monday. Just finished up on some cupcakes that I will definitely be making a post of later on in the week. I'm also super excited to introduce you lovelies to my new featured blogger of the moment! She's an absolute doll.
Now I'm off to get some studying done! Two exams tomorrow and I'm aiming to get an A on both. We shall see how that turns out.
Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday! ♥

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Pink Penguin said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe that blouse is handmade (and for a Halloween costume of all things!), it's so adorable! I love the lace and the peterpan collar, so pretty <3 xxx

Melis said...

love the bits of red...
check out my blog and etsy!

Sylvie said...

the blouse is just superb and looks GREAT with the leather jacket!
great combination, you look beautiful!


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