NYE Party Style: Tied up in Sequins

I am honestly begging any of you all out there to go out and buy this dress, not only because it is an endlessly stunning sea of silvery sequins, but for more selfish reasons as well. So i can wear it vicariously through you! The long sleeved dress has become an obsession of mine, and in this shade of striking beauty, I don't think it could cause me anymore desire than it already has! 
Worn with a pair of patterned tights, there's no doubt you will be an eye catcher on this New year's eve! Some skyscraper- high black booties will tie the look together in an effortless way.
With an outfit only celebrity fashionista worthy, why not take a tip off from one of our most iconic fashionistas right now, Kate Moss, for some makeup inspiration. A nude lip and a sexy, eased smokey eye with the help of a Two Faced eye palette (which I swear by!) accompanied by a relaxed updo or messy, loose tresses, and you'll pull off a look that could be iconic in itself!  ♥

This look is all about the blazer! To keep this sparkly piece as the focus, everything else should remain fairly understated to keep it all from looking too overbearing, which is why I chose these two natural colored dresses to pair it with. Depending on the shape of the dress of course, you can go a bit more boyish with stiletto combat boots or more feminine with a pointy pump. Stacked rings will add an extra edge to any outfit and will play up the other pieces.
For makeup, keep the eyes light with just your lush lashes to show for and a natural shimmer on the lid. Contour and highlight your face to bring out those gorgeous features and add a deep red, almost burgundy, matte pout for ultra sultry sexiness! 
All that's left is to propose a toast to just how fantastic you look this new year's eve! ♥

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erica marie said...

wow that dress is stunning...I love the bow detailing and you can never go wrong with sequins.


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