we blow away

Time seems to be rushing by right under my nose, as swift as a cat, and only noticeable when deep in thought. I can't say I mind it so- classes and workload aren't the most cherishable of things- but I feel like I'm not making the most out of it all while I can. I could sit here eating oatmeal cookies and sifting through pictures, music, and a whole lot of thoughts, and I suppose that is living in the sense that my body is pulsating, my breath still existent, but is there not so much more to enjoy? The only stars to be seen shouldn't be those from being knocked down, but those we are living amongst and reaching in each day.
(viscose tank- american apparel, skirt- great grandmother's dress i made into a skirt, shoes- calico vintage)
And I say this with no means of sorrow or melancholy in tone, but one of enthusiasm and hope in life. 
Let us be models of freedom and let live. ♥
currently listening to:  blow away- a fine frenzy


Abbey said...

Gorgeous! :) Looooove the dream catcher.

Vanessa said...

1. Now I want oatmeal cookies. Darn you.
2. How great is your animated photo of the waving, wind-blown feather necklace? I love the necklace! Such a bold, boho statement piece. It works perfectly when paired with this delicate floral!

Vinda Sonata said...

gorgeous style.
love the skirt and the cardigan.
the combination here looks very good!

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Your skirt is really pretty!
I love your belt soo much girl

Anonymous said...

Dear Theresa,

I love your necklaces, especially the dreamcatcher one. And how gorgeous and innovative is the skirt!! This is my 2nd or 3rd time on your blog but every time I come here I discover something interesting like the Art.com website today. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us you know, it's a brilliant idea.

BTW did I ever tell you that your blog layout, header, side bars are really pretty. Did you tinker with the html yourself?

Look forward to hearing from you

Love from Toronto, Canada

She is Sara said...

What a beautiful outfit and post! I love the mix here, you look just like a model, beautiful!

I know how you feel, I am swamped with work and school, and when I do get a free minute, I wind up waisting time on the internet. :/

Jamie said...

I love that you made your grandmothers dress into a skirt! What a fantastic idea!!


Emilie said...

loooove this outfit, the skirt is so amazing!!



Kellie said...

I absolutely love the dreamcatcher...so pretty!


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