Picture perfect holidays

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I always find decorating for the holidays to be so much fun. I love being festive, but it's always great to put your own spin on things when you've grown tired of the traditional decorations!
I love the idea of having your own photo up as a work of art, particularly on canvas. Imagine your own work and favorite objects in life decorating the walls of your loft. Especially around the holidays with this wonderful sense of high spirits in the atmosphere to coincide with other warm decorations in your home. Iridescent candlelight, pumpkin spice or peppermint and pine scents scattered. And when the spectacular events have come to an end and the big apple ball has dropped, those same moments of art on your wall will still be there year around. Very well could be the perfect gift for nearly anyone!

Now, some of us may have the talent to recreate a photo into an object of art by the use of the hand and acrylics or means of  choice, but of course there are other, (like me!) who aren't quite gifted with such skills or simply would want the exact image of their photo displayed. Well I found out that this is actually very much possible due to Art.com's new product, photos {to} art. I loved the idea so I tried it out for myself, and it really is made quite simple. You can choose whatever image you wish, whether it be people, places, or things of inspiration and beauty. You can customize it in array of ways so that it fits exactly what you want even more, including breadth of substrates and ranges of sizes- print on canvas or a photographic print with a choice of a wide variety of frames including a delicious Soho Espresso Frame. And did I mention the prices happened to be surprisingly great for what you're getting?

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