The Oxford Comma

The boy looks almost regal with his delicately aligned buttons parallel to his frame. The top button mistakenly slipped out, or maybe purposely left undone to entice the eye. Its a rigid, crisp form of sex appeal, stark and untouched, but seemingly asking to be. Though the image fits almost too perfectly to the frame of a man, the crisp collar and fit of an oxford isn't just for the boys any more.
We have already ventured into the means of boyfriend cardigans, blazers, and jeans. No reason not to get our hands on the perfection of an oxford shirt and bring on the stunning factor of androgyny. If not particularly ecstatic about parting from your usual frilly pieces with an entire look with Forever 21's Roll Sleeve Shirt and TopShop's Linen Tapered Trousers, there plenty of other options for this versatile piece. Pair your American Apparel  Unisex Italian Short Sleeve Button-Up with a cutesy, pleated Mossimo skirt to keep it simple, or even a pair of Urban Outfitter's high-waisted BDG Boyfriend Shorts  for those cozy, relaxed days in the sun.


Robyn said...

The layering here is fantastic. I especially love the first one with the boyfriend blazer.

Carly Anne said...

That blue button-up dress! WOW! I love it paired with tights...


All this is Grace and Charm

Tanja said...

The pictures are amazing! :) And I love you give references/links on the things mentioned.

Sara Lynn said...

The first one is my fave :) I want that blazer!


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