Sweets, Frills, and Tea Time

Being the lovely ladies that you are, I'm sure you dolls all love having an excuse to get dressed up and put on your most darling Jeffrey Campbell bow embellished heels as much as I do! And what better occasion on these cozy spring days than a tea party! I know you all must be picturing those childhood days when you would sit across from your favored stuffed bear whom was clad in just as fanciful clothes as you had prepared yourself in, sipping your invisible tea with your pinky high up in the air. And of course, the higher, the fancier!

Though that does sound charming for the child in us, what I am talking about is the true elegance of a tea party. With napkin holders, name cards, and your very best china. Not to mention the darling little edible delights, cute enough be decoration, but far too delicious to let go. Delightful lemon cookies, delicious cucumber finger sandwiches, fabulous fruit tarts, and some scrummy buttered scones, just to name a few. ♥
Dressing up is the greatest part of the whole occasion, so treat yourself to the cutest number in your closet, or  even pick yourself up a white ruffle adorned dress that would make any wardrobe jealous!  Slip some delicacy about your hands with a pair of white poise gloves that will bring a feminine charm that you never knew possible. But of course, we can't forget the proper tea party etiquette; removing your gloves to dine is a must. 
Tea Party Etiquette: To stir your tea, swish the tea back and forth, never hitting the sides of the cup. Never leave the spoon in the cup, but gently rest the spoon on the saucer, behind the cup on the right side under the cup handle. 
But of course, being the slightly rebellious ladies we are, rules are meant for breaking most of the time, so serve, stir and sip as you please with plenty of laughs to go along.

Don't forget to take plenty of polaroids to savor the charm of the day in your memories forever. ♥

Who doesn't enjoy the elegance of a tea party? To satisfy your love for such sweet events even further, I have decided that once a week, I will have a feature on tea parties and ideas for them, whether it be recipes, outfits, or other relative DIY's. I was also taking into consideration a weekly fashionista spotlight post, just like my recent, Fashionista Spotlight: Olivia Palermo. What do you dolls think of this idea? I would love to hear your opinions!


Sara Lynn said...

awww how cute! I really want to go to a tea party now! Or at least a coffee party....:)

Jessica said...

It'd be so fun to have a grown up tea party - but with cocktails in those dainty tea cups. ;-)

sharonlei said...

I kind of wan to host a tea party now... :)

xx Love & Aloha

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Jen said...

awww now i have a craving for some tea and finger sandwiches! :)
i also kind of want to dress up in a frilly dress and drink hold my cup with my pinky sticking out. sometimes a girl needs to be a girl :P

coolboy said...

wow lovely cake i like it its awesome
i never attend tea party

Cafe Fashionista said...

I literally live for tea parties. I have one at least once a week on my bedroom floor. Tres juvenile as my guests are stuffed animals from when I was a kid; but so fun anyway!! :)

Carly Anne said...

The gloves are incredibly elegant. Love.


All this is Grace and Charm

Tanja said...

I adore tea parties (because I looove tea!), and I think the pictures are stunning :)

Btw, you mentioned that you were looking for a pair of laced cycling shorts. Have you seen the pair they have at Topshop's onlinestore?


Tiffany said...

great post and love the idea!

Jess said...

Oh I've always wanted to go to an adult tea party. The adorable china, gloves, clothing, treats :)

Kallie said...

I love this post! I never knew about swishing the tea back and forth! I love your blog.

S.Elisabeth said...

So cute! Definitely do a feature of tea parties, just reading about them creates a sort of escape!

ak said...

i swear one of my birthday parties i will do an alice in wonderland theme..love tea parties. and i think the fashionista spotlight is a great idea!


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Tea parties are my favorite =) I love your tips for being a super polite tea party gal. Great post!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aww, I've never been to a tea party - that'd be so fun!

Alaila - Lee said...

I love it and your blog too.

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Fierce & Love


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