window pain

This is my first time sharing my own, personal poetry on my blog. As people, we are not one-dimensional, one sided beings, therefore I would like to share a bit of my other dimensions with you all. This particular one is nothing special, just a moment of emotion summed up to say the least.

Window Pain

The bluebird sings a place to her
Destiny unknown
Caressing thoughts of escapist routes
To travel on alone

She sings to a figure paralyzed
Or sunken ankle deep
A room fit the title spacious
Has no margin to let breathe

The luscious wind carreses
the window pane, or pain
Alongside the swollen gaze 
It always sits the same

The wild horses gallant
Stir envy in a soul
All memory does dwindle
As the bluebird's beauty whispers, 

"let go"


Sara Lynn said...

This is beautiful T, I love how you have inside rhyming, which makes this almost lyrical. You have great imagery and you also kept it traditional, so there are no problems with it. I am so glad that you are sharing your poetry! :D


Theresa said...

Thanks so much for your input, Sara!
It means a lot. Especially with how wonderful your own is! And anyways, I have you to thank for the inspiration to do it. :]

Butternut Squash said...

Poetry is the song of your soul. It is a very generous gift that you share with others. Thank you.



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