Sharing different heartbeats

Recently, I came across albums and albums full of old pictures stashed away in a closet in the house. I just had to crack them open and take a look. There was so many, but I had a definite bias out of all of them. One of the last I stumbled upon was my grandmother's from her teen years, mainly from the year, 1969. The photos were just stunning!

This photo was my absolute favorite! The two lovely people here are actually my grandma and grandma. They both look so ridiculously charming.

I had to include this one! My grandma's outfit was just too stunning. I love the ruffles. I really believe this liking for fashion runs in the blood.

Goodness, this photo is just another one that I adored instantly. I mean, how cool does he look?!

This one really inspired me fashion-wise. My goal one of these days is to make a dress that resembles the one she is wearing here.

This one shows my grandmother with one of her sisters (the one on the very right), and a couple of their friends. To me, my grandmother's dress just stood out to me. Now I'm simply aching for something that looks like it. If only she had kept some of her dresses! They would definitely be getting some good use these days also.
I wish I could have included the entire album! but since that's not quite practical, these favorite of mine will have to do.

So my question today would have to be, what is your favorite era- fashion or otherwise?


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures they remind me of all the pics my grandparents have... I love the ruffles too!

theblondeonewhohikes said...

wow these are great. old photos are always fun to look at! and I just have to say how much I love the title of this post! Heartbeats is one of my favorite songs :)



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