i must say goodbye to thee

Well it doesn't seem as if I'll have much of my own photos up anytime soon, since my camera refuses to work.

I've been having issues with it for a while, especially since it is quite old and has a had a good share of use. It's a cheap little thing anyways, but always did the job. This is really forcing me to save up for a new one now. How depressing though. I had so many intentions for that camera in the near future.

Any suggestions or preferences as far as cameras? What camera do you use?


M. said...

I like canon camera's point and shoots are cheaper but their slr's are amazing! good luck!

lovelove, M.

MJ said...

My camera's a Nikon D50 - I got it for birthday and Christmas (and some of my own money too) and it's so much fun to use! Makes my pictures look a lot better :)



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