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My friend, Brenda,  finally sent me the pictures I had taken with her camera from her birthday a few weeks ago. :)
For her birthday we decided to go to open mic night at the Gypsy Den, and I have to say, it was a wonderful experience! All of those who performed were truly amazing. SO much talent! The accompaniment of some delicious cheesecake and a hot mocha definitely made it even better, along with our extensive catching up and random talking between each act.
They Gypsy Den has to be one of my favorite places. It has such a comfortable, warm atmosphere and it's simply glorious inside. Plus, the food and whatever else you may order to your heart's desire is fantastic! You can't go wrong with it. I sound like an advertisement for the place right now, but that's not my intention. I just really like it. The open mic nights and other occasional performances are always lovely to sit through while sipping your coffee.

Of all the performances that night though, I loved the one shown in this picture. I had recorded a part of it, but my friend was unable to send it to me because the file was too big. As soon as I get it though, I'll make sure to post it! I think what made it so much more lovely was the fact that they were engaged doing this duet together. It was so sweet. :)

 So I have to say, if you're ever in the area down in southern California, I would definitely recommend to take the time to make a stop at this place. And if you would like someone to accompany you, I would be more than happy to be that person. :)
For more info go to their website: Gypsy Den Cafe

(I specifically posted this song because this lovely singer will actually be performing at the Gypsy Den this Friday and I can't help but love her voice.)


Jen said...

aw that's so sweet how the engaged couple performed together! the gypsy den looks like such a cozy place to sit and relax :)
and thanks for the sweet comment!

theblondeonewhohikes said...

That place looks so cute! I wish we had one around here!

M. said...

the place looks really cute, cute blog too!

lovelove, M.


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