Aly Tadros & Douglas Jay Boyd

This past Friday, I ended up going to watch a music act with my boyfriend at the Gypsy Den cafe. It was extremely lovely, and I was so glad that he enjoyed it. Ah, how I wish I would have had a camera with me at the time.
On top of that though, the performance by these two blew me away. Far more than anticipated. Aly Tadros and Douglas Jay Boyd. The played such a charming, passionate performance. It was terrific.

They are both traveling from Austin, Texas, with no fancy bus, just themselves. It was funny because throughout their performance, they kept mentioning how the gas is very expensive and California and that any of our donations would go straight to that. All in a humorous manner of course. They were so down to earth and friendly, it would be tremendously difficult not to take a liking to them.

Though this is from a little while back, this is what their performance looked like.
I really recommend anyone to check them out. They are two extremely talented people who definitely deserve the hype. After watching them on Friday, I just had to get both cd's. I have been listening to them endlessly since then!

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