Wake up and smell the coffee

Okay, we are smelling a bit more than coffee over here. We are smelling a fresh start! Or at least I am. Sort of. 
I realized it's been more than a month since my last post. MORE THAN A MONTH! So here I am, making my best attempt at jumping back on board after my hiatus. This is partially thanks to encouragement from friends, and also thanks to a special little post from IFB, "How to Get Back on Track After a Blogging Hiatus." Hit me pretty close to home, you know?

Since you last heard from me, my life has been a vast jumble of changes. Some better than others. That and lots of coffee, school, work, shopping, and delicious food. 
With these changes though, I've been toying with the idea of starting over with a completely new blog. I've put so much work into despising life is so passe, but I feel like I can bring something better to the table now. The fear of starting over is always a difficult one to deal with though, in many cases. I suppose we shall see. Until next time!Miss you all so much!

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