October Fruits

(dress- old navy, shoes- justfab, bracelet- modcloth)
Hello, bonjour, ciao! All these hellos from me to you for the extreme lack of them recently! I just want to give you all individually a hug and ask you how you've been doing. How's the family? How's the cat? My, how you have grown! All that funny business that we get from relatives when we haven't seen them for at at least a month. Maybe a couple days if they're senile enough.
Any who, hair is cut and fresh! I went to the salon about a  month ago and told the guy, "cut off however much you need, I know it's bad, just do it." His response, "gladly." Guys, it had literally been years since my last real haircut! Next up, oil change.

The fact that it is October now has got me in good spirits! Except, ya know, that it is still in the 90s here in Souther California and I still have to wait a couple minutes before I can drive or else I risk burning my hands on the steering wheel. Thank goodness I don't have leather seats or else my butt would be facing the same risk.
October, you and mother nature need to get over whatever spat you all are going through and let fall begin!
Theresa :)

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Alexandra Marie said...

Love the polka dots! Alex



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