Platforms and Cosmos

(dress- modcloth, shoes- jessica simpson)
As you can see, the background in this room has changed up a bit. I took down a ton of my pictures and ripped out editorial pages and a couple posters. It just started to feel all too cluttered for me. When my aunt saw my new "wall renovations" she said that it was a sign that I'm growing up. I beg to differ. My cat noises still ensue.
See that notice on my little pinboard? Vehicle registration notice, boo you. All these wretched little expenses come out of no where when all a girl wants is to buy an endless amount of iced coffee and a few dresses. Oh well, that day will come! In the meantime, I'm excited to start helping with the opening of the new Anthropologie store right next to me at South Coast Plaza! I'm a huge fan of the store, and to think I'm going to be able to part in the putting of it together sounds fantastic to me!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week! xx

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