A little bit of everything Sunday

 My work day began with a guy extensively resembling Zach Galifianakis tellingme I looked like Sofia Coppola as I was ringing him up. Along with more slightly awkward conversation. Ya know, it was cool.
These photos are just some randoms from the week that I really liked and I feel sum up a lot.
  • Shoes, I'm shocked I haven't gotten up on here yet. Because I love them and they are gorgeous and they are cap toe. 
  • Batman Funko figurine--the new Dark Knight Rises edition--because I am beyond excited and that movie is going to kick ass!
  • Sertino's Coffee is mind blowing good, as my mouth witnessed first hand this week while sipping on a Mayan mocha along the Huntington Beach boardwalk with Dave. Look at him, he's such a weenie.
  • And these pretty little roses just looked plain lovely bathing in the sunlight today.

1 comment:

Anna said...

Great pics! Love the shoes.


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