Won't you be mine: wishlist

milkshake things up dress- modcloth
play flare shorts- tobi.com
asos lagoon ballet flats- asos.com
metallica sunglasses- tobi.com
asos aggie ankle boots-  asos.com

For a great amount of time, I made a point to make my life completely devoid of the color pink. Anything blatantly girly really just killed me. Never would I have thought I would get to this point-- tea length pastel dresses and light pink ballet flats. Tell the high school me this and she would have likely told you you're full of it. And I would respond to my high school self, "get over yourself, you'll thank me later." 
I will also be thanking myself when these ankle boots show up on my doorstep. You will be mine.

What are you lovelies pining after at the moment? xx

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