Studded bows and hearts aflutter

(sweater- old navy, blouse- banana republic, skirt- f21, tights- asos, shoes- vintage, leather bow- self-made)
Hi, how ya doin'?
Don't have much to talk about quite honestly. Not that nothing has been going on. A lot has. I'm just drawing  a blank.
I did want to share a little something my accounting professor mentioned just the other day in class. He brought up how not every one is meant to be an A student. If we're not meant to be that A student, we shouldn't kill our selves over trying to be something we're not. Just like some people are meant to be doctors and thoroughly enjoy their demanding, high paying jobs. That sort of thing isn't for everyone. We should do whatever makes us happy, even if that won't lead us to the most wealthy of lives. And you know, I feel just that way. I want to live comfortably and independently, but I could do without all the extra bells and whistles and acres. I want to succeed at what I want to do, but a happy, simple living with someone I love is all I really need in the end. He's a pretty insightful old dude when he goes off on those tangents of his.
Also, I can't wait to show off the dress I got from the Banana Republic Mad Men collection to you all! It's so darn pretty. Soon enough my sugar beans.

Well guys, have yourselves a wonderful weekend! xx

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