Bows pretty please

(blouse- vintage, skirt- gift, tights- we love colors, glasses- bonlook simply fabulous, boots- unlisted)
Oh hello, you caught me! I have an affinity for bows, florals, and tights. I do. But that's nothing new.
This silk vintage blouse with the bow in the front is just so pretty, I've had to alter it about three times just so I can wear it. Ultimately, I say all three times were quite worth it.
I was actually wearing my glasses all day the day I took these pictures. The only reason I'm not wearing them is because I kept getting this awful glare in the photos. Nerd galore. 
It's funny. I always get such mixed opinions when I wear them. Years ago, I would have been so self-conscious if someone had told me that what I was wearing looked funny. I probably would have hid them away and walked around blindly just to avoid negative attention. Now, despite the "you look better without them" or "your glasses look so nerdy!" I will wear them all day long without so much as a second thought. A little added self confidence goes a long way. xx

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