Wa Wa White Sheep

(sweater- forever21, pants-h&m, mary janes- bamboo, bow- from etsy shop)
So, you see, this sweater has a back story. Actually, no, it's hardly a back story. It's just that when I first saw it I knew it was meant to be. 
I'm a silly person. I'm perfectly okay with making a fool out of myself from time to time. There's this thing I like to do where I put my hands on the side of my head like ears and make a sheep noise. Sheep are just so darn cute, why wouldn't someone want to pretend to be one?? I mean, you know, at least those of us who aren't completely sane. But regardless, this is why when I spotted this sweater I knew I had to have it!
Moving on though, the bow I'm wearing in these shots is actually for sale in my etsy shop right now. I feel like I'm constantly fighting myself not to keep most of the little accessories I make. I've made quite a few more to add to shop inventory the last couple days, (including faux leather bow barrettes!) and just need to take pictures and post them up. Make sure to check back on the shop soon to see them for yourself!
And on a final note, these shoes, goodness gracious, I love them!
Okay, I'm done. Have yourselves a wonderful day! ♥

currently listening to: like a honeycomb- british sea power

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