Guest Post: Jen of JennifHsieh

Hello readers of Despising Life is so Passe! I'm Jen from JennifHsieh and I'm guest blogging for Theresa today while she's out of town. I adore her blog so of course I accepted her offer of writing up a guest post. Her blog is always full of so many inspirational posts and of course she has the most gorgeous hair, am I right? I can still remember when Theresa first started blogging her outfits over a year ago. :) 
So this romper is one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now. I love how lightweight it is and it's also styled up like overalls - you can't really tell since I wore a cardigan over it. The one issue with wearing this outfit to work was having to go to the bathroom. As all you other romper wearers know, going to the bathroom is hell, especially when you really, really, really gotta go. Someone really needs to come up with a solution for this, although I'm pretty sure people have better ways to use their time. I guess the solution is just not to wear rompers!

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