Orange Circle

Apparently my name is now Olga, according to my cousin, due to my hair. I've accepted it as I take it as a compliment, having mastered the milkmaid braids! Plus, having my hair out of the way turned out to be a   brilliant idea that day, because, goodness, it was so muggy! Muggy is such an odd word isn't it? haha

My cousin, Deanna, and I decided to get ourselves out of the house and take a trip to the Orange Circle with the full intention of picking up some cupcakes from The Perfect Circle Cupcakery, featured on the show Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. Unfortunately we were turned away by a sign on the door that said, "closed due to filming." So we opted for some Starbucks (not once has my name been spelled correctly) and some downright delicious curly fries and BLTs! It was a retro sort of diner, with a jukebox to top it off, so of course, I had to put on a bit of Bill Haley.
(denim shirt- thrifted, dress- f21, glitter flats- urbanog.com)
And yes, here is my personal attempt at flying.
Well, off to work I go.
Hope you're all having a spectacular weekend! ♥ 

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