Little Bitty Pretty One

It's always fun to look back at all your outfit posts and see the variation in them. Especially with mine, I feel like it really ranges. One look I don't feel I try out as much as I would like to is this sort of done up pin up look. Have I told you how obsessed I am with pin up style? Probably a few dozen times. Yes, most likely. The point must be reinforced. I've also become fairly obsessed with these sorts of bustier tops. I fully intend on owning a heavy handful of them. I've gladly found myself two so far. The black once I've been dying to try out!
(bustier- f21, skirt- vintage from persnickety vintageon etsy, flower barrette- self made, peep toes- kimichi)
My friend called me last minute to join a group of them for dinner tonight. To say the least, I felt well overdressed for Pizza Hut. But that's one of those moments where I'm like, you know what, I don't even care.     And when it comes down to it, no one else really cares either so why fuss? 
I had a bit of baking and good talk with my friend Brenda as well today. Wonderful, much needed talk and fresh baked cookies and tea. Amazing! Though it always makes me a bit sad knowing she goes back to New York for school in Cornell during the school year, her company is always amazing.
Hope you're all having a fantastic week! ♥

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