Rock and roll my little girl

I just got through scanning all my prints to my laptop and I think I'm far too excited! I picked them up straight after class today and thought I would share a few with you. They were taken using my Ricoh-af-40, a.k.a. my Baby Ricoh, and this was my first roll with it, so I was so scared they wouldn't come out!
That was the least of my worries today as I was rushing this morning to get a paper done for my 8 am class. Of course, it turns out he's not making it due until Monday. Silly me.
Now I'm just finishing up some studying for my psych exam tomorrow then off to LA I go. Going to see Robert Francis tonight! I've been in much need of some live music so I'm ecstatic at the moment!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday! ♥

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