A little bit brighter

 Yesterday was quite some fun, you know, before I had to get to work at 3 and then tackle some homework once I got home again. I took a trip to the IVC flea market in the morning, which I had been waiting to go to since I missed it last month! There's a whole lot of just antiques in general, old radios, vintage cameras and some clothes, and plenty of jewelry!
I actually ended up going home with a few things as well! This lovely locket was my favorite! I also picked up a little green pear pendant for my cousin and the perfect sweater which you can see lying on my bed beside me. It was just far too hot to wear it past the early morning! 
 Oh, but it was so hot and sunny out! I shouldn't be complaining, I'm glad the weather is warming up. I'm also glad I had decided to throw on a DIY cropped band t tank that morning or else I definitely would have overheated! I did end up with this awful sunburn on my shoulders though. It's quite noticeable in that last photo. Argh, oh well, this just gives me an excuse to head out to the beach soon and even out my horrid shoulder tan.
(dress-modcloth, shoes- kimichi blue, belt- american apparel)

Hope you all are starting off your week well! ♥

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