Messy days

Goodness gracious, look at that sad excuse for a hairdo. I don't even know how that came about. Lack of sleep? Last minute paper? Possibly. 
This silly, bi-polar weather got me back into a comfy oversized sweater. As oddly as it fits, I love it. It was formerly my grandpas actually. I have a tendency of going shopping in my family's closets it seems.
These tights! I don't believe I've introduced them on the blog before, despite how much I've worn them. These I got while venturing about San Francisco last Summer. That seems so far from now! I mean, goodness, Summer is already right around the corner again! It honestly took me the longest time to figure out the bow pattern on them for some reason. 
Oh, and I'm still fighting off the urge to buy myself another one of these skirts in black possibly. I love it, though white isn't always so practical. Especially given how see-through this one seems to be. That's what layering is for I suppose. Maybe once I finish paying for all these other things, all these music events! I actually just finished purchasing my tickets to see Robert Francis and the Old 97s this Wednesday in LA. Anyone else going? I'm pretty excited. (:
I have a feeling you guys are going to be seeing this little cross tie almost too much now. It just works to perfectly with everything!
It's Friday! Have yourselves a lovely weekend! ♥

currently listening to: good hearted man- robert francis

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