I was a dancer all along

Of the numerous floral dresses I own, this one is at the top of my list. The little pearl buttons, the vintage print, and the cut and fit is perfect. Plus, it works perfectly with over-the-knee socks, who can complain? 
Actually, wait, I do have one little complaint. One of those cute little cute little pearl buttons has a tendency of slipping undone. This usually ends up with a not so cute situation of me scrambling to avoid any further wardrobe malfunction. Aside from that, it did have a bit of an identity crisis as a romper when I first bought it. It was obviously made to be a dress, except, you know... on those really windy days.
Oh and I might as well be honest. The floral wreath/ headband was not adorned all day long in the midst of classes. I'm guilty. I would do it though! But it's mainly for the reason that these pictures are more of a bit of a preview as far what is to come very, very soon! The lovely Olivia and I will be having a photo shoot this weekend in preparation for the opening of my Etsy shop including an assortment of these little floral lovelies. I'm thoroughly excited!
 The one pictured will also be available, just so you know.
(dress- thrifted, socks- sock dreams, jacket- american rag)
Now back to listening to Lykke Li nonstop. Her voice and energy is just so addicting.
Muah! Love you dolls! ♥

currently listening to: dance, dance, dance- lykke li


Rachel Emma said...

I love the socks with the dress combo. Too bad where I live when it's hot enough to wear a dress, it's WAY too hot to wear socks haha.

Everyone seems to be wearing these flower halos, I wish I knew where to get one! They are so cute.


Anonymous said...

Wow you look so beautiful dear! Love the outfit, and the thing in your hair hahah.. HUGS!

Lynzy said...

I LOVE LOVE your floral crown here, so gorgeous with the rest of your outfit :)

xo Lynzy

Rianna Bethany said...

Very pretty dress and the crown of flowers is so cute! You could be a princess!
Rianna xxxx

Ashley said...

Luffly! Reminds me of exactly something I'd wear, although I probably would never think to add that fabulous floral crown. So cute!

Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

I love how the jacket toughens this look up a bit. You look especially beauteous in this post m'lady :)

She's Under the Spell said...

your headband is lovely!



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