Turn up the Tunes Tuesday

First Day Of My Life- Bright Eyes 
  Sorrow- The National
  Floating Vibes- Surfer Blood
Pancakes for One- Of Montreal 
Dirty Laundry- Bitter:Sweet
Paris is Burning- Ladyhawke
  Morning Thought- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
Pursuit of Happiness [Steve Aoki remix]- Kid Cudi

What do you have on replay this week? ♥
image via flickr


Julie said...

Ah, I love your Tuesday music posts. You have such good taste in music (:

Ashley said...

Finally, SOME bands I have heard of! That Of Montreal song is on my ipod, although I'm not remembering how it sounds right now so I'll have to go have a listen.

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Oooh, I'm checking out this playlist. So good! You have great taste in music my dear, and your blog is just divine! :-) xoxo


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