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Too much to love this week, from the lace, the ties, the floral headpieces or that in-cre-dible sweater and elephant necklace combo from Natalie of Canned Fashion! Hope you all enjoy too and have as good a Monday as possible. ♥


Jamie said...

Oh great choices!! I am inspired to put on a flirty dress! :)


The Soul Anchor said...

I really like the first picture in the second column. I'm really into the 50's scarf around the hair with the shorts. So vintage summery!

Britty said...

these are some cool picks i really them

Louder than Silence said...

Wow, thanks for including me alongside such stylish bloggers! Sally x

She is Sara said...

Everyone looks amazing! I love all the styles here, they all compliment each other. Makes me want to go shopping, grrr!!!! :P

I hope you having a good week lady!

Aśa :) said...

Great blog. So many nice photos. :)))
I'll be back ;)
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