Adventures in L.A.

This past Saturday was tons of fun, no exaggerating. It was my first time really getting to experience LA even though it's only about an hour drive from where I live. I've done Hollywood, but just the touristy aspect of it, so this was spectacular. My friend Cynthia and I headed down to Venice Beach first, which is where I found some insanely amazing extra long feather earrings that I am madly in love with! Also ran into plenty of creepers, but the overall atmosphere was just superbly chill. From there we made quite a walk down to the Santa Monica Pier which was lovely. Everything I expected it to be, so vibrant.
After strolling about for some hours, we headed to a completely different part of LA, West Hollywood where we met up with her uncle and his boyfriend, who, by the way, are two of the loveliest people I have ever met! They took us out to dinner at this wonderful little place called Mexico City near Griffith Park. I just loved the general vibe to the place! Plus, Eduardo Xol from Extreme Makeover Home Edition was also dining there, though they said that they had actually met Drew Barrymore a couple times there as well.
The rest was basically taking in the nightlife of West Hollywood, walking by The Abbey and other bars and such around there. 
It truly was tons of fun and in great company! I unfortunately didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, and the larger majority were taken with my film cameras. (Yes, I was lugging around three cameras in my Mary Poppins bag. ) So hopefully when I get those developed I'll have a bit more to share!

How has everyone else's weekends been? ♥


JeanneS said...

its the first time i actually say this but I clicked on your blog coz i loved the name of it! :D
and it is one of the best things i did this week, your blog is so cute :D

Kellie said...

Looks like you had a great weekend, love these pics!

Lynzy said...

I just adore LA, although I don't live anywhere near the west coast...I go visit as often as I can.

Adore your blog. You have a great sense of style :)

Anonymous said...

I've never been to LA! I wish and wish and wish I can soon! Lovely photos.



Brenda said...

finally someone who lives near me! You have a cute blog, I'm following :)


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