Wishy List

I've been running into so many little things I would love to be able to get my hands on recently, definitely some more warmer weather pieces. Others are just some staples- black cone heels and ballerina flats. I've been on a mad search for some that actually look more like legitimate ballet slippers. I thought about getting actual ones, but wondered about the practicality of that.
The cafe colored dress actually has little horses on it, but is unfortunately not in stock!
Asos Rare Heart Cut Out Dress- 80.69
ModCloth Bodega Bay Dress- 44.99
Wholesale-dress.net Printing Lotus Long Sleeve Dress
Asos Floral Hotpant-44.83
Light Pink Ballerina Flats- 35
Forever21 Canvas Heels- 22.80
UO Ecote Voile Stripe Tee- 42

Anything you dolls have on your wishlists? ♥


Chelsea Lane said...

ohh these are such good spring staples! stripes, sheers, and florals <3 I want to live in them!


Amber Blue Bird said...

these are such darling pieces

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

i love all of these..ah, they make me want spring so bad!! <3


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