The sun also rises

Oh hi guys, look, I'm a redhead now!
Me and my infamous odd faces. One day my face is going to get stuck doing that. When that day comes, I'll be okay with it. I don't normally post these sorts of pictures up, but I figured why not. You might as well really get to know me since you've stopped by!
As a side note, the title of this post actually reminded me that I never got to finish that Hemingway novel... That needs to be changed.
(sweater- alloy, skirt- american apparel, tights- hue, shoes- vintage)
I adore this high-waisted denim skirt I got at American Apparel a while back, but at the same time it's so darn tight! There's honestly days where I just can't squeeze into it. And to think this is the largest size they carry... real confidence buster AA! I shouldn't be complaining though, because honestly, I'd be willing to get it in practically every color.
These tights: my absolute favorite. I don't know if that can be considered a valid statement anymore since I feel like I've said it before... but dots AND a floral pattern, can you get any better?
Enjoy your weekends, sweets! ♥

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Christine @ Fanciful Vision said...

Very cute, I love the sunny sweater :)

Happy weekend x


Love the sweater with that scarf, and your shoes are adorable, haha!

mademoiselle xo

Ashley said...

I'm loving your infamous odd face! It makes you unique. And a lot more interesting than other fashion bloggers who just stand there and pose with their hand on their head or something.

The color of your sweater makes me happy. It's all grey here right now.

And no, I don't think you can get any better than dots and florals all on the same pair of tights. They look so sophisticated, too!

Have a great weekend! <3

Jenni Wells said...

you are so fabulous.

Those tights are amazing. I've never seen anything quite like them before.


Rachel said...

Great sweater, and I love the pattern on the tights!

sherryl said...

i love your tights and the color of that sweater! it's so cheery. (:

Becky said...

Thanks for commenting on my post! I really appreciate it! :)
I love your tights with this outfit!

Cafe Fashionista said...

You are my sunshine...haha! I LOVE this look on you - that color is gorg! And your tights...tres fab!! :)

Courtney said...

I love your outfit, especially your tights! And the fact that you posted these silly pictures. I like to see this side of bloggers :)

x Courtney

maggeygrace said...

Oh my god, your tights are AMAZING. I know I don't need any more tights...but argghhh! This is TOO cute. I loveee loveee loveee them. So adorable.

stacey margaret said...

your blog is absolutely wonderful.
I am now following you :) I hope you can do the same.

stcymargaret.blogspot.com (i'm doing a giveaway)

p.s how do you get songs on your blog like that?

Heidi said...

Cute sweater! Loving the tights too. :)

EevvaStyle said...

amazing outfit! I like it!

fineandfeathered said...

cute cute cute! love those tights!

Clara V. said...

You're outfit is très chic, and gosh your smile is adorable!


Kate Russell said...

So lovely.


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