Cupcake Break: Art by Rodriguez Etsy shop

Oh DARLING, my would I love a cupcake break every so often! Baked sweets are surely a stress breaker, and that is exactly why this delightful original painting from the lovely Art by Rodriguez Etsy shop would be something perfect for just about anyone to keep that little reminder!
My favorites from the shop that I found instantly delicious are these note cards reproduced from the maker's original art, then accented with a Swarovski Crystal for a perfect amount of sparkle. Perfect for you valentine's day loves without the typical chalky heart candies. Because let's face it. Who really likes those anyways?
There's such a wonderful collection of creations from original canvas paintings to ceramic tile coasters to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. ♥


Tamara Nicole said...

These are suuuper cute! Wanting a cupcake right now:-)

She is Sara said...

DUDE!! WE need those cupcake cards for the coffee party!!


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