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I picked up this vintage necklace at a flea market a couple weeks ago and love it! I couldn't believe it was only 75 cents!
I figured I'd give you all a little sample of what's going to be going into my etsy shop, and this is my favorite little creation so far. It's a three rose lace barrette and it's positively lovely. I've truly been working at all these little hair accessories (some bigger than others) to the point where my aunt said a section of my room was starting to look like a sweat shop with all the fabric, thread and pins. Her description was actually pretty accurate, that's the funny part. I hope you all do enjoy the end result when I start up the shop next month!
I was truly contemplating putting this picture up. I love these wedges, but I hate my feet. I'm so self-conscious of them! Watching Shallow Hal seriously scarred me for life. So here I am, throwing myself under the bus of all insecurity. Please don't hate me for it!
Instead, possibly take this as a bit of inspiration... maybe, or just a picture of a set of odd toes...
Either way, overcome a little something you feel a bit self-conscious about yourself today. We all hold something about ourselves that makes us a bit uneasy, a tad unsure just to think of. Something that we wrinkle our noses to, but wouldn't take a second to judge or even notice in another being. Oh the standards we set for ourselves that overwrought our normally levelheaded minds. To those who say otherwise, I detest you. No, truly, I admire you!
Acceptance of one's self is a wonderful thing, and to whole-heartedly love one's self is a movement of beauty never to be belittled. ♥

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She is Sara said...

You have cute feet! I love these photos girl!

I am excited to wear the tights you sent me, but it has been so damn cold! Send some warm Cali weather this way eh? :P

Louise said...

I am so glad you posted those shoes--- so cute. What brand are they??
And yes- LOVE THYSELF! You are worthy to be loved!

Theresa said...

@Louise Thank you! The brand is Qupid. Can you believe they were only $7 when I got them on sale??

Amber Blue Bird said...

i love your necklace, it reminds me of a mood ring...a rather large mood ring

Mama Wolf said...

What a steal on that necklace!

xoxo mama wolf.

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...
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sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

Such a cute necklace! I can't believe what a good price you got for it. Those wedges are adorable, don't worry about your feet! Trust me, there are far worse out there, hehe.

Thank you for the lovely comment as well!

xx, Katrina
Sparkle is a Color

Heidi said...

Cute necklace and beautiful hair pin! :)

Sootjeelina said...

Love this post, your shoes are amazing!

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your wedges. Where did you buy them??

Snow Black said...

Love the necklace ;-)


Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Girl, you have beautiful feet!
Most people don't even notice those kind of things anyway, but just know that you dont have to worry.
I really think those wedges are really cute!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! I am seriously obsessed with that necklace - it is too gorgeous, Theresa!! :)

SMASH said...

Whhat I love the little lacey rosette barrettes (a rhyme!) that your churning out :)

and i'm a little picky about my feet too! My second toe is longer than my big toe which is weird but whatevaaa ;)


Joanne Faith said...

Nice purchases, I especially like the sandle wedges so thank you for posting the picture... I feel a bit awkward posting pictures of my feet too but you shouldn't!

xo joannefaith.com

Samantha said...

What an amazing deal for such a cute necklace! And cute wedges! :o)



Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love all these details and the photography is great! That necklace reminds me of a beautiful swimming pool. Also, those roses are so gorgeous!
I never saw Shallow Hal. I think everyones toes are odd, they are kind of a weird appendage in general ;)but yours look really cute in those sandals.

Ana Raquel said...

like the necklace (:

sherryl said...

your feet are cute!
those wedges are adorable.
can i ask- how do you get your youtube player to be like that? what's the specific html code? i'm going crazy trying to figure that out.


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