How to rock your maxi skirt

To much surprise, the maxi skirt is actually a very versatile piece to own! The complaints I've heard from most girls who are weary of this fashionable item is that they won't be able to pull it off, what shoes to pair one with and so on. Despite popular belief, they are truly very wearable and flattering for nearly everyone! 

Proportions and balance are necessary to look at when figuring out an outfit with your maxi skirt. During the warmer months, if the skirt is fairly plain, pair a crochet or lace look tank with it, such as American Apparel's Leaf Flower Lace Loose Tank.
♥ Unsure of the practicality during much cooler months, accompany your maxi with a chunky, oversized pullover sweater, even a cropped one, and throw on your favorite boots! The fantastic thing about this is that you can also throw on some warm sweater tights underneath for an extra layer and no one will ever notice! 
♥ In general this piece is extremely layer friendly- a chunky knit cardigan, yes please! Don't let your boyfriend blazer go to waste either, because you can definitely pair it with the feminine silhouette of your skirt to balance out the masculinity.
Keeping it simple is also a possibility with these maxi skirts, despite the belief that these pieces are far from basic. A loose deep v-neck or a breezy button down tucked into your skirt is both comfy and stylish without even much effort. A plain off the shoulder tee works great as well, creating a laid back fashionista vibe.
Dress it up with a lingerie inspired corset top and pumps and possibly a sparkly blazer for some added fun.
♥ There's no need for a whole new wardrobe to accompany your maxi! The skirt is truly so versatile that you can wear it with so many things already in your closet, you'd be surprised!

First picture image credit from left to right: Free People floral skirt-$98, weheartit, Free People lace skirt- $148
Second picture: Omen Eye, Gary Pepper Vintage, Dirty Hair Halo, Tumblr, Stolen From Grandma


elanor, said...

what a great how-to! love it!!


Blowraspberry said...

great inspirations..


erica marie said...

love this post...I really want to try the maxi skirt this year.

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Good post!
I am loving long skirts at the moment!

Joanne Faith said...

This is a great how-to for maxi skirts - I love the images too! I am a little less afraid of maxi skirts having read this, but still too afraid to make a purchase!


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