Never going away.

I am truly in love with this ring. Possibly unusually so because I love the person who gave it to me for Christmas. Thanks Michael, it's gorgeous! Another piece that I know will be a daily wear from now on! Looking at this first photo also reminded me that I need to get myself another AA California Trooper nail polish!
(top- american apparel, skirt- gift, thigh highs- sock dreams, shoes- vintage )
He also gifted me with this skirt which I love dearly. He knows me and my liking for florals all too well. I'm not quite sure when I switched shoes between these pictures... or why. The olive pixie boots are definitely favored in this case.
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She is Sara said...

SO lucky! What a pretty ring and skirt!! You look beautiful my dear!

Chelsea Lane said...

your outfits are just lovely! everything is so adorable <3 I even love the setting! such a neat lam :)


gee said...

what wonderful gifts to get!!
i love that ring and the skirt is floral so of course..
I LOVE IT!! :)
you look beautiful love.

Eva said...

i really love the skirt, if only i could own one that is exactly the same as it !
i't sooo pretty.


erica marie said...

Your ring is amazing...I'm in love with it.

Heidi said...

Gorgeous gifts!! Love the ring!

Georgia said...

i have your shirt, it's awesome and i love the over the knee socks, my fave! x

Jamie said...

Wow that ring is gorgeous!! And love the outfit!


Bethany Struble said...

BEAUTIFUL <3 and i love your nail polish color :)

Anonymous said...

The ring is super nice ;D . And I like your outfit!


LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

love this!



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